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Infinity tax services gives you tax advice the way it's meant to be: friendly, accurate and with a money back guarantee. When you come to us with your tax return, relax and let Infinity Tax Services take care of finding your biggest refund. Every tax preparer in our stores has undergone thorough training in both state and federal tax structures. We know the tax code, and we know how it applies to you. Now let us use that knowledge to get you the big refund you deserve, or possibly save you money by finding tax breaks.

  • At Infinity Tax Services we offer a full range of professional income tax preparation services and solutions. Income tax preparation was never so easy!
  • Need your tax refund fast? Not that fast? 10-21 Days - IRS Direct Check (tax refund sent to your home address)

Walk in with your W2/Last Pay Stub, Social Security Card, & I.D. Get $50 OFF your tax preparation fee. It's your money. We Make Sure You Keep It!

$5,751 with 3 or more qualifying children
$5,112 with 2 qualifying children
$3,094 with 1 qualifying child

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